Looking for your child to be christened?

We'd love to hear from you. The next available dates TBC
             Please contact the Admin Office - here

Check which parish you live in, by using https://www.achurchnearyou.com

If it's St George's or St Margaret's, then please phone or email us.

We're also happy to respond to others from outside the parish, who have an ongoing connection with us and intend to link with us for raising your child in the Christian faith. Just explain to your local vicar and get their permission before coming to us.

We'll arrange to visit you in your home to discuss what baptism means for you, and how you intend to raise your child in the Christian faith.
We would be delighted to discuss with parents and other adults who aren't yet baptised, what this can mean for you to take this important step.
During the visit we can confirm the date for the christening.
At the moment we offer baptism services on one Sunday every month, either at St Margaret's or at St George's, at around lunch time.
We'll also talk through what's involved in the service, and check whether you and the godparents are comfortable with the promises you'll be making, and address any questions you may have.
If after further reflection you then decide that baptism isn't for you or your child at the moment, you may like to consider a 'thanksgiving' service, a great alternative we offer for those who'd like to express their thanks to God for their child but aren't yet quite ready to commit to the promises involved in baptism.
Do please contact:  Susan: susan.scothern@hotmail.com
We very much look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and coming alongside you during the coming months and years to support you in bringing up your child in the Christian faith.
Meanwhile we recommend you take a look at the Church of England website for christenings: www.churchofenglandchristenings.org

God bless you!


St. George's Centre is also available for you to hire. Contact Glenda - Administration Office  stgeorgeschurch1@gmail.com